If Mediumship is new to you then this information will answer your question – what is Mediumship? For as long as human beings have lived on earth there have always been people who believed that life will continue after the death of the physical body. For some people, it’s very natural to seek contact with those in the non-physical world. Sometimes people just want the chance to contact their relatives and friends who have passed to the life beyond, to help cope with grief or deal with feelings of separation or validation, or to receive guidance or personal messages from spirits in the Spirit Realms.

Mediumship has a purpose

  • To demonstrate to man that he is not just a physical being but that he is a part spirit.
  • That this life is but an apprenticeship for a greater and fuller life that commences with the physical death.
  • That through this knowledge mankind will receive the impetus to adopt an enlightened code of values.

But what is Mediumship? Mediumship is the link or connection between spirits of the dead and living human beings

A Medium works with spirits and is the special link between the physical and spirit worlds. A medium will first attune to spirit vibrations, then utilise the psychic energies available to connect with the spirit operators to bring forward family and friends, so personal messages of love and guidance can be shared. The Medium is naturally sensitive to mental influences and magnetism both from discarnate and incarnate spirit. Through ongoing spiritual and mental development and training, mediums are able to learn to control such influences and recognise the level at which he or she is working. With perception the Medium is the original receiver.

Aspects of Mediums that we are concerned with are those of mental phenomena such as clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. Mental phenomena involves the Medium’s mind, and the intelligence is conveyed entirely through the mind.

  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see clairvoyantly the form of the spirit and describe features, form and clothing.
  • Clairaudience is the ability to hear the spirit voice. Mediums will in some cases hear spirits voices as if a person was sitting beside them. Other ways Mediums can hear spirit voices are hearing voices within their own head or mind, and some can hear music or songs in addition to words.
  • Clairsentience is the ability to sense, to feel the presence and conditions of Spirit and then relay accurate messages and descriptions. The medium may feel the presence of a spirit through a smell, a touch, or a temperature change, or a light breeze.

It’s important to remember, in all cases the mind and the brain of the Medium is involved therefore the interpretation of the Spirits message will be determined by the degree of mental development and culture of the Medium.

How do you become a Medium?

For the most part mediums and channellers demonstrate an ability from an early age and then develops naturally and spontaneously over time. In saying that, I do believe that most people are able to develop some level of mediumship if they focus their time and effort on this.

Mediums come from all walks of life and their backgrounds, experience, education and training differ widely from person to person. Mediums psychic senses are so acute that they can register the presence of beings belonging to the non-physical world. They then interpret the being’s wishes and information they want to impart and communicate these personal messages to people still in the body.

Mediumship: what to expect at Church of the Golden Light

The main theme of our services at Church of the Golden Light is demonstrating proof of survival – or Mediumship – so that the recipient of the personal message recognises the deceased person’s spirit. Due to the growing interest in the “what is mediumship and how can I use it” area at our Church, we run regular classes in Mediumship. These are designed to teach and support Church members to develop their own Mediumship skills further.

If you have any questions about what is Mediumship or are interested in coming to the Church of the Golden Light please get in touch with us any time so we can have a chat.