Greetings and welcome to our Spring Newsletter. Spring is the start of new beginnings, renewals and growth. This equinox is definitely the best period of the year to aid us to focus on some new projects, to get rid of something which doesn`t serve us anymore and to find the balance we need in life. And in view of new beginnings our Church and surrounding concrete has just been water blasted – thanks to Church member Bobby. In July we held our successful annual fundraiser `Meet The Mediums` with Clinton Arnold, Kay Moore and Ron Jones. Thank you to all those that were able to make it on the day.

Hugging is an important form of communication that also helps to develop personalities. Hugs are gestures that convey a great meaning. Hugging a friend or hugging a distressed child will prove to be far more reassuring than words. In the 1940’s a study by a child psychiatrist Rene Spritz revealed that orphan babies had a higher rate of sickness and death when they were deprived of touching and hugs. It is possible that we cannot live without hugs as they are intrinsic to a sense of well-being and self-esteem. Hugging is crucial to our overall health and without it individuals have experienced higher levels of stress resulting in mood swings, depression and an increase in anxiety. The alternatives when we can`t interact with another person as many experienced during COVID lockdowns – are sharing affection with a pet and self-massage such as of the hands or neck.

Psychometry is the ability to form a mental connection holding an object of unknown history. Science has familiarised us with the fact that what appears to be solid matter is in reality a series of radiations, frequencies or vibrations. Every article which has been in our possession is impregnated with our aura and will retain these aural emanations. As such when it is handled by a competent psychometrist an accurate picture of the history and all its associations can be noted. The strongest impressions received are those belonging to the most recent owner.