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Golden Light Church Celebrates 85 Year Anniversary

by Glenys Lindsay
Golden Light Church 85 Year Anniversary

This month the Church of the Golden Light celebrates its 85 year anniversary! I’m sure you will agree that this certainly is a milestone anniversary that we should celebrate together. It’s at times like this that I like to reflect on the very rich history of our Church and all the hard working and incredible leaders and church goers […]

Golden Light Church on Facebook

by Glenys Lindsay
Golden Light Church Facebook page

In September 2014 Committee member Steve Moss started our brand new Golden Light Church Facebook page.  Steve regularly uploads details of upcoming events and services and then following our Sunday Services he updates with photos and a narration of our Service. Our Facebook page is enabling us to reach large numbers of like-minded Spiritualists to […]

Eve Higgins

by Glenys Lindsay

On the 17th September the Church of the Golden Light lost a very dear friend. Eve Higgins, the 5th Minister of the Church passed peacefully away in North Shore Hospital following a brief illness. And on Saturday the 20th September a Celebration of Eve’s life was held at Morrison’s in Henderson. I was privileged to […]

Golden Light Church Busy With Ceremonies

by Glenys Lindsay

Would you believe that it  has been 25 years since the last funeral service was conducted in our Church? At the end of last year I was approached by a new Auckland Funeral Company ‘Just Funerals’ with a view to working with me to perform the funeral services and all funerals being done in the […]

Golden Light Church Photos Uncovered

by Glenys Lindsay

As the guardian of our Church, I recently took the opportunity one weekend to go through some of the old documents and papers that had been stored away.  It was by chance that I came across some photos from the Church’s 50th Anniversary and some that dated back almost 60 years!   I just couldn’t believe […]

Welcome to Our New Website!

by Glenys Lindsay
Golden Light Church's New Website

Welcome to our new website for the Church of the Golden Light. With the retirement of Eve Higgins in December 2012 and the growth in Spiritualism we are entering a new phase with our Church.