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Maisie’s 90th Birthday Celebration

by Glenys Lindsay

On Sunday 28th August our Church celebrated the incredible milestone 90th Birthday of Church Member Maisie Moncrieff. Maisie has been a member of the Golden Light since she was introduced to Spiritualism in the 1970s by the late Eve Higgins. At the end of the service there was a special afternoon tea for Maisie to wish her […]

Church Member’s 90th Birthday

by Glenys Lindsay

On the 1st of  May the Golden Light celebrated the 90th Birthday of our oldest Church members – Shirley Parsons. Shirley brings fresh home baking to Church every Sunday for us to enjoy at afternoon tea. Ask anyone at Church and they will agree that Shirley certainly is an inspiration to all members! So it […]

Golden Light Church Celebrates 85 Year Anniversary

by Glenys Lindsay
Golden Light Church 85 Year Anniversary

This month the Church of the Golden Light celebrates its 85 year anniversary! I’m sure you will agree that this certainly is a milestone anniversary that we should celebrate together. It’s at times like this that I like to reflect on the very rich history of our Church and all the hard working and incredible leaders and church goers […]

ANZAC Service 2015

by Glenys Lindsay

At the start of our ANZAC service today a wreath was laid on our platform by Paul Taylor-Blatchford and Irene Harvey before the Last Post and the Reveille were played. Glenys Lindsay then presented the Gallipoli address and the service concluded with a demonstration of clairvoyance by Val Game. Glenys and Val below with Hannah […]

Christmas Service 2014

by Glenys Lindsay

On Sunday the 14th December we had our Christmas Service. Minister Glenys Lindsay highlighted the real meaning of Christmas – the warmth and love of our families, love for other people and “Peace on earth, good will toward men”. Val Game followed this with a demonstration of Clairvoyants and the afternoon concluded with our Christmas […]

Animal Blessing Service

by Glenys Lindsay

Our animals are so special to us, they know when we are unwell and they give us unconditional love and support always, so our Service on Sunday the 28th September focused on all animals. Warwick Harvey chaired the service and Steve Moss and visiting Medium Val Game shared the address and the clairvoyants. Two lovely […]

Engagement Celebration at Church

by Glenys Lindsay

Church members were thrilled about the recent news that two of our Golden Light Church committee members, Warwick and Irene, got engaged! Given their involvement in the church it was only natural that a lot of people wanted to celebrate their wonderful news with them. So at our afternoon service on Sunday the 19th January we […]

Meet the Mediums

by Glenys Lindsay

On Saturday the 26th October we held our annual fundraiser `Meet The Mediums` at our Church. The four Mediums were Eve Higgins, Hettie Mentzer, Kay Moore and Clinton Arnold. All of these Mediums regularly serve our Church at our Sunday services.  We  concluded with a beautiful afternoon tea and the whole event was a huge success with everyone present […]