New to a spiritual Church?

We are a vibrant and energetic church with many regular church goers who constantly work willingly to make the church a wonderful and welcoming place to come to. With more and more folk becoming interested in the after-life we can provide a path to Mediumship through our Development Circles.

What can I expect?

We meet every Sunday at 2:00pm and on arrival you will be greeted and handed a hymn book. As you make your way to a comfortable seat you will feel a lovely energy in the Church. Children are most welcome to our services and we have even welcomed the odd small dog. Our Church service is not unlike any other orthodox Church service with a bible reading, hymns and an address (sermon).  However, you will witness a demonstration of clairvoyants, and may well be the recipient of a message from a loved one through the Medium.  Also, spiritual healing is available to everyone during the service.

Who can attend?

It doesn’t matter who you are or where you are from – everyone new to church is most welcome at the Spiritualist Church of the Golden Light.

What is the Culture like?

The culture of the Golden Light is based on unconditional love, consideration for others and our united knowledge that we are all eternal Spirit.

Dress Code?

Dress tidy and wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

How long is the Service?

Our service is normally about 1 ¼ hours long. Following the service we welcome everyone to join us in our Social Hall to enjoy a beautiful afternoon tea and spend time socialising with other Church goers.

Where is the Church?

25 New North Road, Eden Terrace in Auckland – reasonably adjacent to the city and most Motorways, and there is plenty of parking.

What if I have more questions?

Often people first become interested in the after-life through a very deep and personal experience which could be the passing of someone close to you. Our Church is the perfect place to follow up on this.

So if you have arrived at a stage in your life when you too have many questions that need answers and are new to church, then please call to speak to the Minister or alternatively please join us for one of our services. Following the service, you will probably still have more questions that need answers so please feel free to approach one of our Leadership Group who will be happy to sit down and talk further with you.