Welcome to our Winter Newsletter. Our services have been continued all year with excellent Mediums and encouraging congregation numbers. Our major achievement this year has been to have the Church ceiling repaired. Those of you who may have glanced upwards while in the Church will have noticed that the plaster ceiling was in dire need of repair and finally we have a beautiful ceiling again. However in view of the fact that the building is almost 70 years old the ceiling has stood the test of time very well. Our lovely new songs in our services have been very well received and will continue. We send our grateful thanks to Shirley Hawkes who has been our Organist for many years and on Sunday the 12th June the Church presented Shirley with beautiful flowers in grateful thanks and appreciation for her service to the Golden Light. We started our afternoon teas on the 12th June so be sure that you stay after our services now to chat with like-minded folk. Gl

Silver Birch

Maurice Barbanell who passed over in 1981 was the trance Medium of Silver Birch. In Silver Birch`s own words – I would strive to manifest love, never to reproach with anger, but to appeal always with love, and prove by precept and example and by all I did that I was what I claimed to be – a messenger of the Great Spirit. There is more light in your world of matter, there is more happiness, there is less sorrow, less tears. We have won a partial victory over the grave. We have inspired many to let their higher selves rise in their lives. We have driven out many of the falsehoods of the past that have blinded men’s eyes to justice and truth. We have helped to free many from the prison-house of creed and dogma which has afflicted your world for so many years, shaming reason with its foolish stupidities. Great work has been done, but a greater work still has to be done. There is war in your world of matter, war that need not be, for if your world knew these truths and lived them, men would not kill. There is starvation, when there is plenty of the Great Spirit’s bounty. There are mean hovels where the children of the Great Spirit are compelled to live


What is spirituality The first concern is with the soul Then release all material The things that impede inner goal. Love for self is key to our being Also everyone else note well Positivity inner peace Humility egoless tell. Meditation so important To ensure focus on our path A lovely soul stands loud and clear Fearlessness shines above all doth. So what can one do to improve Read spiritual writings to start Take time each day to still our minds Then follow this path and do chart