Mrs Faithful Philpott and Mrs Mabel Jeffries

Founder Mrs Faithful Philpott and Co-Founder Mrs Mabel Jeffries

Founded in 1931

Our church history started when it was founded on the 4th April 1931 in a rented room in Upper Queen Street by Mrs Faithful Philpott. In 1935 the group bought a house at 100 Newton Road and converted it into a church for services and healing.


By 1940 the building had fallen into disrepair, so it was sold and the funds put aside for the section at the present site at 25 New North Road, Eden Terrace. The section was bought on the 12th October 1945.

Mona Stillman Golden Light Church past Minister

Mona Stillman Golden Light Church Minister 1980-1991


Work started on our church on 13th October 1954. Following Mrs Philpott’s death on 20th September 1960, Mrs Mabel Jeffries became the Minister.


Mabel, who had been a member since its inception, continued to lead the Church until when she handed the church over to Mr Anderson.


Mr Anderson lead the Golden Light right through the 1970’s until he passed the Church on to Mrs Mona Stillman.


From the 9th June 1980 Mona, who was a well known Medium and teacher in Auckland, served the Golden Light as Minister for more than 11 years. However ill health forced her to hand over the church to Mrs Eve Higgins in 1991.

Ivy Notman, Eve Higgins & Mona Stillman

Ivy Notman with past Ministers Eve Higgins & Mona Stillman


Eve lead the church from the 3rd December 1991 and worked tirelessly for the Golden Light for 21 years until her retirement on the 16th December 2012, when she handed over the Church to Mrs Glenys Lindsay


Glenys is the current Minister and is the 6th Guardian of the Golden Light in 82 years.