Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is channeled through a willing participant to all, whether for body, mind or spirit, according to their need, from a higher source. Spiritual healing cannot be offered as a cure for any condition. It is used in addition to conventional medical services. It is often used when conventional medicine is unable to offer solutions. It is a gift from above to maintain or achieve wellness.

There are a range of benefits that have been received. It covers the full spectrum from no change, a feeling of peace and harmony, a better emotional balance, a feeling of hope and faith, greater mental clarity, a greater acceptance of life events, ongoing spiritual growth, reduced suffering to miracle physical cures.

Healing has been recognised for centuries across all races and religions. From a Christian perspective Jesus is recognised as being an amazing channel for the healing energy to cure the sick and afflicted.

Hands On Healing

This implies the channel of the divine energy is close to the person or animal wanting healing. They may place their hands on the person or have them very close to the body where they feel the energy is being directed.

Distant (Absent) Healing

This implies the channel of the divine energy is unable to be near the person or animal needing healing. They therefore channel the healing by thought and prayer to an individual or groups regardless of distance or country. The people receiving this healing do not need faith for the benefits to be felt and manifested.