For a number of years I have acknowledged our Church`s Anniversary every year on the 4th April and I  have highlighted the history of the Golden Light. Recently I questioned the reason that it was so important to me to continue this tradition. My passion came after my Celebrant studies when I was introduced to celebrating everything possible – my number plate is CERMNY. But that aside there are very good reasons why we should celebrate an Anniversary of any situation. When you think about it an Anniversary consists of 2 parts It is a remembrance of the past, a reflection on the history of our Church the Golden Light and its ministry, a chance to look back to see where we began, what we have done, who have been the Ministers over the years and at the same time giving thanks for God`s work and guiding Spirit through the years. Secondly it is a celebration of what is to come, a joyful anticipation of the future of this Church, what lies ahead in the unknown future always being aware that Spirit will direct and inspire us.

The first service was on the 4th April 1931 when a group of like-minded folk led by Mrs Philpott met for a service in a room in Belguim Street – now Upper Queen Street. Mrs Philpott had been guided to this point in time by an Indian Psychic Mrs Clement Wragg and subsequent meditation. She had been told to go to the Spiritualist Church in Karangahape Road first and this was followed by McKelvie Street church. Then she started her own circle in a room above a butchers shop at the top of Kyber Pass and continuing to meditate she was told that a key would be given to her to open her church which is exactly what happened on the 4th April 1931.  Then in 1935 there was a further change and following much fundraising a house was bought for the church at 100 Newton Road However by 1941 it had fallen into disrepair – the cost to repair it would be exorbitant and it was sold and the money put aside to eventually buy this property here. Work commenced on this building on the 13th October 1954 and was completed soon after with a small social hall however  within 10 years the social hall was doubled in size

Mrs Philpott continued to lead the Church until 1960 when she died. At that point Mrs Jeffries who had been an original member continued on alone until the 1970s when she handed the Church over to Mr.Laurie Anderson who was well known for his immaculate appearance on the platform.  However after some while Mr Anderson was ready to step down as Minister and he approached Mrs Mona Stillman who was already ordained and at the time was attending the Alliance church in Carleton Gore Road Newmarket.  Mona agreed to come up here and those who knew Mona remember her as an extraordinary woman and a brilliant teacher. She has left a wonderful legacy to the many people who were privileged to be guided by her in Circle. However there came a time when Mona too recognized that she would need to prepare some-one who would eventually take over the Golden Light and in April 1986 Eve Higgins was ordained. Eve ordained Glenys Lindsay on the 7th November 2007 and following her retirement in December 2012 handed over to Glenys the privilege of leading the Golden Light. Finally on the 12th November 2023 Melody Frascella was ordained by Glenys and has become the 7th Minister of the Church of the Golden Light

So on this day as we celebrate 93 years of our Church it is important that we acknowledge this special day, reflect on the past and look forward to a beautiful future here together.