Greetings and welcome to our Spring Newsletter. Spring is the start of new beginnings, renewals and growth. This equinox is definitely the best period of the year to aid us to focus on some new projects, to get rid of something which doesn`t serve us anymore and to find the balance we need in life.


On Saturday the 16th September we held our first Readers Day which was such a huge success it will definitely be held again next year. We are extremely grateful to the 6 Mediums who gave up their time to support our Church working from 10AM to 2PM. There are times in our lives when we all need answers or are at crossroads and our Mediums were able to assist as follows –

1 They help make an impossible call on a critical matter regarding our family, relationships or career etc

2 They can affirm a decision already made or about to be made

3 They can boost our confidence to make the necessary steps in the right direction

4 They enable us to take the right path towards our true purpose

5 They Inspire us to make bold changes in our lives.

And while the Readers were busy in our Church, visitors were able to enjoy beautiful hot scones with jam and cream and percolated coffee in the Social Hall – a big thanks to Melody for providing this for all.

And throughout the day healing was freely available from Kerrin and Annette.


We are pleased to report that our claim for the damage caused by the flooding earlier in the year has finally been accepted and the repairs are now under way. From March to September we interacted with 3 agents who had come from overseas to assist the Insurers with the claims. We are grateful that this has finally been brought to a successful conclusion.


Spiritual healing can be traced as far back as the Bible It is recognized as an aid in the healing of the sick in body, mind and spirit. This can be accomplished by the laying on of hands or by means of prayer, meditation or distance healing, and can occur where the patient is not required to be present. Spiritual healing may be instantaneous; however, it is different for every individual. Healing does not stop when the healer removes their hands but may continue for some time. Healing works as God`s love flows through the empathy and compassion of the healer to the recipient in the appropriate way. Spiritual healing helps restore balance for the mind, body and spirit and promotes a sense of well-being. It relaxes a stressed person, aids clarity of thought and is helpful with many physical and psychological conditions.


1 Cathie Gianotti

8 Matt Tod

15 Hettie Mentzer

22 Paul Edghill

29 Margaret Edmonds and Eric King