Greetings and Welcome to the Church of the Golden Light!

Weather-wise last summer temperatures broke all records and in our Church we were so grateful for our 2 air conditioning units that we had installed a couple of years ago.

Towards the end of last year it became obvious that after 65 years our building needed to be completely electrically re-wired, so the job was done over the holidays and completed in time for our first service.

Services started mid-January and our Church has been full to over-flowing on each Sunday. In addition to our regulars we welcomed a number of new members to our Church.

We had our annual Cleaning Day on Auckland Anniversary Day and, anticipating continuing high temperatures we started our work at 7.30AM. Seven members gave up the morning to clean — thanks to those who worked so hard.

On the 4th of April 2018 our Church was 87 years old and the Anniversary was celebrated with a special Service on Easter Sunday the 1st April. Glenys Lindsay presented the address and visiting Medium Melody Allport gave a demonstration of Clairvoyance.

Our annual ANZAC service was held on the 22nd April – once again with Glenys and Melody..

On the 20th May a Wedding Ceremony was performed following the weekly service. Friends of the Golden Light Daiane and Marcio celebrated their marriage in our Church. The wedding commenced at 3.00 PM and was followed by a reception in our Social Hall.

Our annual fundraiser – our `Meet The Mediums` was held in our own Church in mid-Winter on the 14th July with Mediums Clinton Arnold, Hettie Mentzer and Kay Moore followed by afternoon tea. All proceeds were donated to our 2 charities The Auckland City Mission and the Hearing Dogs. A note that after our last Christmas service a large number of toys which had all been donated and put under our tree, was delivered to the City Mission.

 Our website and facebook are regularly updated and you are encouraged to check them out to keep abreast with all of the Church news – there is a preview of the Sunday speakers during the week.

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